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Every Kill Means
• Fair Play Rules Downloadable WAR FIELD game file size: 661 MB
Your Crypto
Is Mine!
Every kill equals coins in your wallet. No joke. Get GOLDER COINS (GLDR) and join the fight right now.
Artem K., a.k.a. "CRYPTOZOMBIE"
"I was a professional FPS player, but it was difficult to make money. WAR FIELD is a game-changer. Anyone can make money playing it. WAR FIELD has its own unique dynamics and just keeps getting better with every update."
Exciting Battlegrounds For All Levels
With three exciting battlegrounds and more on the way, WAR FIELD gives players of all levels opportunities to win
Dani Gonzalez, a.k.a. "RULIUS"
"I wouldn't say that I'm an FPS gamer....The experience of playing WAR FIELD has been positive and awesome. And, yes, it’s possible to make money playing it."
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WAR FIELD FAIR PLAY RULES (penalty suspended account & permanent ban):

1. No farming: you may not collude with another player or players and intentionally kill or harm each other in order to earn achievement rewards.
2. One person — one account: your KYC procedure is valid for one account only.
3. No laundering: you may not play in such a way as to intentionally give away/lose your tokens to another player.  
4. No intentional respawns: frequent exit and re-entry onto a battleground in order to respawn in a better location will be flagged as a violation.
5. No team play in deathmatch battlegrounds: informally teaming up with someone against another player will be flagged as a violation.