Game Updates

v0.86 ALPHA

v0.86 ALPHA


– after respawn character is no longer crouching
– fixed trail renderer issues when shooting bullets for both 1st-person and 3rd-person players
– blood particles don’t splatter anymore when stabbing a dead player
– fixed 3rd-person character damage colliders interacting with environment; characters won’t randomly flicker anymore
– bullet colliders don’t interact with player movement anymore
– 3rd-person pivot corrected; now character won’t be visible where it shouldn’t be
– weapon vibration after aim fixed


– removed post-effects from crosshair, making it more visible at all times
– minimap is now bigger; map is still a photo from top, not a readable sketch
– better character bending (full bend based on where player looks); weapon now points in the direction player is actually aiming


– dead players now fall to the ground if killed in the air
– minimap now shows opponents’ locations if visible to player
– more death animations to match shot direction force

v0.85 ALPHA

v0.85 ALPHA


– injury sounds are now playing correctly on all hits
– 3rd-person weapon reload animation fixed; now always shows reload
– 3rd-person weapon reload sound fixed
– fall damage after drowning and respawn fixed
– fixed game client crash when servers are killed
– removed jagged edges from UI elements (health bar, dead screen icon)
– collider fixes


– dead player collider removed
– can switch weapon while reloading
– can shoot faster after reload
– chat improvements
– smoother physics
– free ammo
– improved session statistics window (TAB)


– fall damage sound
– falling animation added, improved jumping animation
– Q-key switches back to previous weapon
– stats (ping, kills, deaths)
– minimap now shows water

v0.8 ALPHA

v0.8 ALPHA


– fixed some collider issues
– increased 3rd-person running speed, faster footsteps
– coordinated weapon movement with mouse movement
– sniper and rifle scope can no longer see through objects


– minor GUI changes
– info panel change to killed, not simply shot
– pistol recoil is stronger, reducing accuracy with quick multiple shots
– increased 3rd-person running speed, faster footsteps


– added lobby checks for GLDR balance
– added option to choose additional stakes: 1, 10, 100
– added fullscreen option


v0.78 ALPHA

v0.78 ALPHA


– crosshair disappearing bug fixed
– player left in tab after leaving to lobby fixed
– showing wrong weapon bug to others after rejoining lobby fixed
– enemy player doesn’t stutter anymore when in water
– enemy player doesn’t stutter anymore when walking the stairs
– camera flip issue fixed


– sniper damage increased
– blood splat reduced
– increased weapon sound range by 1/3
– new rifle, sniper scopes
– increased field of view
– sniper zoom resolution increased

v0.77 ALPHA

v0.77 ALPHA


– running too quickly
– respawning at a location near an opponent
– pistol and rifle have the same HP cost per shot
– pistol and rifle cause the same damage from different distances
– when running with SHIFT, able to climb onto small boxes without using JUMP
– when crouching need to press & hold the button
– when killed can see opponent’s perspective and location
– player info bar over player shaking on rotation
– fixed issue with controls and movement
– character moving without any buttons being pressed
– mouse wheel disabled
– opponent’s nickname visible from far away
– gun not reloading after respawn
– collider issues
– distance sound
– UI health

Overall improvements:

– fixed reported glitchy areas
– objects no longer shaking
– crosshairs improved


– player respawn notification
– location and layout on minimap
– controls displayed on the ESC screen
– death animation

v0.76 ALPHA

v0.76 ALPHA

– server optimisation
– ESC button now quits to lobby
– after death, user now sees the player who shot him and from where
– removed player info/nickname from above character’s head
– some UI fonts fixed
– fixed 3rd-person spine rotation

v0.75 ALPHA

– better error reporting
– corrected user interface bugs related to connectivity
– stability issues fixed
– GOLDER calculation issues fixed (not final)
– better character rotation
– recoil changes
– crosshair changes