WAR FIELD is the first online multiplayer first-person shooter game you play to win real cryptocurrency.


Whats so special about WAR FIELD?

What makes a game most exciting is not the action, the number of players, or even the realism. What makes it most exciting is when the stakes are real. WAR FIELD is the online first-person shooter game that lets you play for real cryptocurrency and win it, if you’re good! Having something real to win or lose makes all the difference in terms of intensity and adrenaline.


Why should I play?

WAR FIELD is an exciting, action-packed first-person shooter game where the stakes are real. In this game of kill or be killed, theres a price on your head in real cryptocurrency. Real stakes heighten the intensity and mean skilled players get real rewards.


When can I try WAR FIELD?

The game’s ALPHA version is available NOW. During the introductory period, every new player can try it for free!


What are the system requirements?

No installation is necessary for the online version. The minimum requirements are:

● Intel i3 or higher processor running at at least 2.3 GHz
● 4 GB of RAM
● 100 MB of free disk space
● At least Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 video card
● Chrome or Firefox (runs slightly faster) browser updated to newest version

An installable desktop version with better graphics is available for downloading to your MAC or PC, as well.

Versions for mobile devices and gaming consoles are coming soon.


Is WAR FIELD a browser game? Is there anything to download? Is it offered through a third party platform?

WAR FIELD has a browser version with its own platform that requires no download and no installation. Make sure you have your Chrome or Firefox browser updated to newest version. A desktop version with better graphics is also available for downloading to your MAC or PC.


What Is the Cryptocurrency I Win Playing WAR FIELD?

GOLDER (GLDR) is the cryptocurrency of WAR FIELD. It is an Ethereum-based ERC20 utility token that is used for in-game purchases and to stake in order to compete with other players. Simply put, the winners get GLDR from the losers.


What can I buy for GOLDER (GLDR)?

GOLDER (GLDR) is the in-game currency for WAR FIELD that is needed to stake on your gameplay against other players. GLDR is also an ERC20 cryptographic token that can be withdrawn and is freely tradeable, meaning you can sell it on cryptocurrency exchanges like CoinBene.


Will GLDR increase in value?

There will only be a finite amount of GOLDER. That amount was fixed forever at the end of the Token Sale Event. The GLDR token’s scarcity and utility along with the growing popularity of WAR FIELD and other games that use GLDR should ensure an increase in its value. Our aim is that 100 GLDR be worth no less than one US dollar.


What is the supply of GLDR?

The overall supply of GLDR is 2,571,428,571.


How are the proceeds of the ICO/TSE being used?

60% of funds raised are being used for marketing, 30% for development, and 10% for legal and administrative expenses.


Where Do I Get GLDR?

You can earn GLDR by playing and winning Golder Games like WAR FIELD. You can buy them from Golder Games and on crypto exchanges like CoinBene. They are fully tradeable ERC20 tokens and can be bought, sold, and transferred like any ERC20 token. 


Is WAR FIELD Free-To-Play (“F2P”) or Pay-to-Win (“P2W”)?

You must stake at least 1 GLDR to play.


Can I get GLDR for free? Any airdrops?

No, not any more. Our airdrops have ended.


What is ERC20?

ERC20 defines a common list of rules for tokens to follow within the larger Ethereum ecosystem.


Can I win BTC or ETH, or only Golder (GLDR)?

WAR FIELD lets you win your opponents’ GLDR. Since GLDR is fully ERC20-compatible, you can withdraw it to your ether wallet and exchange it just like any ERC20 token (certain withdrawal conditions apply).


Do you buy my GLDR and give me BTC or USD/EUR when Im done playing? Can I cash out when I want?

WAR FIELD does not buy GLDR back from you. You can withdraw GLDR to your ether wallet and you are then free to sell them on your own as you wish. 


Will you continue to sell GLDR after the Token Sale Event?

Yes, but only from the existing supply (which will be fixed at the end of the TSE). Since some GLDR will be reserved for management and GLDR will also be used by players for in-game items, WAR FIELD will have its own limited supply of them that may be sold to players.


How are GLDR different from other in-game currencies?

In-game currencies in the form of coins, credits, virtual notes, and tokens have been in existence for a long time. But usually they only work one way: a player uses real money to buy in-game tokens and spends them in the game on digital items such as power-ups, additional lives, equipment or enhancements, to shorten wait time for the next plant to grow on a virtual farm etc.

Before blockchain and cryptocurrency, there was no practicable way to enable players to withdraw in-game tokens from a game and, say, transfer them to another player. And if you don’t want to play anymore, power-ups and tokens bought with real money are essentially wasted. Even if a company has more than one game in its portfolio, there is no way to use tokens bought for one game in another.

GLDR changes all of that. GLDR is literally a game-changer.


Is WAR FIELD Gambling?

WAR FIELD is a game of skill with no element of chance. The only element of randomness is the location of the spawning of the player when entering the game or respawning after death. This is necessary to ensure that no one gets killed instantly after spawning by an awaiting competitor.

The outcome of the game is determined only by the skill of the player, including the physical ability to control the character, and the mental ability to choose effective game tactics and strategy.

Therefore, WAR FIELD cannot be classified as a game of chance and no licensing or registration of players is required in any jurisdiction, unless stated otherwise in the laws of the respective country. No such country or territory is known to the creators of WAR FIELD at the time of publication.


What is a First-Person Shooter?

A “first-person shooter” is a type of three-dimensional shooter game featuring a first-person point of view with which the player sees the action through the eyes of the player-character. This type of game is to be distinguished from “third-person shooter” in which a player can see (usually from behind) the character he or she is controlling. The primary design element is combat, mainly involving firearms.


Why start with a shooter game?

Shooter games (which include first-person shooters, or “FPS”) command the largest market share in the video games industry. In 2016 in the United States alone, shooters constituted 27.5% of all video games sold.

The video game market has surpassed the US $116 billion mark in 2017. More than 2.2 billion gamers play video games worldwide. And the market continues to grow by 10–12% per year.

Twenty-eight percent (28%) of all video games are played on desktop platforms, which comprise a $32.3 billion market share. And the browser PC gaming segment is the fastest-growing (9.4% in 2017).

Conservative estimates of overall annual market growth are 8.2%, estimated to reach $143.5 billion by 2020.


What is a “Battleground”? Will there be more than just one?

A “Battleground” is an in-game space within which WAR FIELD combat takes place. WAR FIELD currently offers Battlegrounds like “Container Land”,“Oil Valley”, and“Lost Island”. We plan to offer others, as well – each a unique environment with its own unique challenges.


How many players play on a particular Battleground? Is the number of players limited?

The number of players that can play WAR FIELD at any given moment is not limited, but every particular “room” has an upper limit of five players that can be playing in it at one time. To accommodate an unlimited number of players, the same Battleground can be used for more than one game simultaneously (in other words, separate copies, or “room”, of the same Battleground can be used to accommodate an unlimited number of players). 


What do I do if I find myself alone in a “room” with no one to play against?

It can happen. Exit the game and re-enter. That should do the trick.


If I stake 10 GLDR, do I only play against others who have staked the same amount?

You only play against players who have staked the same amount of GLDR as you have.


Can I customise my character in WAR FIELD?

The WAR FIELD Marketplace will offer various options for customisation, including weapons and other gear.


What is the WAR FIELD business model?

The WAR FIELD business model is built like no other gaming business model. It combines the best of classical game economics with the advantages of the new world of cryptocurrency.

The WAR FIELD game is built around the GOLDER (GLDR) coin, which is the basic element of WAR FIELD economics. GLDR is both an ERC20 (Ethereum-based) cryptographic token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain and an in-game digital currency that can be used to stake and purchase digital goods for use within the game.

The GLDR is a payment (utility) token that has no speculative value and cannot be classified as a security as it will not generate passive income for the bearer. However, due to the transparent and open nature of the Ethereum blockchain, it is tradeable on a peer-to-peer basis without any control on the game developers’ side. Therefore, once the TSE ends, GLDR can be exchanged freely among holders of ERC20-compliant Ethereum wallets around the globe.


So you plan to make more games that use GLDR?

Yes. Our goal is develop the Golder Platform in such a way that GLDR could be used for the in-game economy of other games, as well, and would be freely interchangeable among them.


How does WAR FIELD make money?

The sale of GLDR during the Token Sale Event will raise funds to pay for the development and marketing of the WAR FIELD game as well as other games and the Golder Platform. WAR FIELD creators and advisors will earn by retaining 20% of GLDR with the expectation that their value will grow. WAR FIELD will also generate income through the sale of in-game items at the WAR FIELD Marketplace.


Is WAR FIELD “p2w” (“pay-to-win”)?

Every WAR FIELD player stakes a certain amount of GLDR in order to play. Weapons upgrades and other gear will also be available in the WAR FIELD Marketplace. That said, our system matches players in a way that ensures roughly balanced competition.


Can I play on a team with my friends?

Team play is not available at this time, but will be available at a later date. Currently, players can play BOCO (bellum omnium contra omnes), i.e., war of “all against all” or so-called “deathmatch” games. Additional variants are coming soon.


How Much Does It Cost to Start?

A player needs at least 1 GLDR to play. Each player is provided with a free basic set of weapons and some ammunition. Additional weapons are available for purchase.

After logging in, a player is required to choose the amount of GLDR to stake in gameplay against other players. The player is then matched with other players who have staked the same amount. This amount represents an initial “Life Cost”. Once injured or killed in gameplay, a player loses (surrenders) some or all of the GLDR staked to the player who has caused the injury.


Is there a minimum age? How old do I have to be to play?

You must be 18 years or older to play.


What if Im new? Do I stand a chance against experienced players?

WAR FIELD is designed so that everyone can enjoy quality gameplay. Once a BETA version is launched, players will be offered a training course on a training field so they can get accustomed to the controls, environment, and in-game physics. Then, a new player will be advised to choose “Rookie” rooms where stakes are low and opponents are not too strong. These levels will offer lots of space with places to hide. We do not want pros to kill new players during their first match.

To avoid giving one player excess advantage over others, in the BETA version players will be assigned to rooms according to their level of skill and equipment. This will allow for a balance among players and will prevent experienced players from disproportionately dominating new ones.

The most experienced and advanced players will be invited to special events with high stakes and special prizes.


What are your anti-money laundering and anti-fraud policies?

WAR FIELD uses proprietary algorithms to put players onto Battlegrounds in such a way that the true identity of players against whom one is playing are not revealed. This is required to prevent staged games.

Following internationally-recognised anti-money-laundering and fraud prevention policies, players wanting to purchase amounts of GLDR in excess of 500,000 (equivalent to USD 5,000) shall be required to pass a KYC (“know-your-customer”) procedure.

Following both European and the international regulations, all wire transfers of fiat currency exceeding EUR 15,000 may be subject to reporting to authorities responsible for the supervision of anti-money-laundering regulations. These rules may vary depending on the geography of the player.


How do you prevent cheating?

Games are recorded and monitored. Our system flags unauthorised alterations and actions for review. We will also review any complaints we receive. If we determine that cheating has occurred, the responsible player or players will lose their GLDR and be banned. Any winnings received on that basis will be refunded from the responsible player or players account.


What are the basic rules?

➔ Every new player shall be asked to create a user account by providing a valid email address and password. A confirmation message will be sent to confirm the email address and for future password recovery. Alternatively, login credentials of social networks such as Facebook, Google, VKontakte, and others may be used.
➔ For account security purposes, we advise to use two-factor-authentication. For users whose wallets contain more than 10,000 GLDR, use of two-factor authentication is highly recommended.
➔ During the trial period, every new player gets 100 free GLDR. These tokens can be used to try gameplay.
➔ Every new player is automatically given a knife, a pistol, and a set of 1,000 bullets. Additional ammunition can be purchased at the WAR FIELD Marketplace.
➔ Players decide how many GLDR to stake on their “life”. Based on this amount as well as their skill level, they are matched with other players on a Battleground. By defeating their opponents, players gain their GLDR.


If I “die” in the game, do I lose any gear I have bought?

You do not lose any gear you have bought if you “die” in the game. Its yours for as long as your account is active.


Who created WAR FIELD?

WAR FIELD was developed during 2017–2018 by a team of experienced developers, designers, and game engineers led by Andrius Mironovskis, and seed-funded by the company’s own capital and the investments of a few angel investors.


Who owns WAR FIELD?

WAR FIELD is owned by The Blockchain International FZE, a corporation based in the Free Economic Zone of Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates.